JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. It's logical to kick off with pilchards. About receiving your bait: Your bait is couriered to you inside polystyrene chilly bin boxes. © 2020 Marine Deals™ Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Loading... Unsubscribe from NZ Fishing World? $(function(){ When using a double hook rig with sliding keeper, it seems logical to attach the pilchard by going from the tail to the head as the tail is a nice anchorage point for half hitches and presents the fish headfirst for easy gobbling (not that it really matters with snapper - they'll eat a pilchard any way they can, whether it's upside down, back-to-front or sideways!). NZ Fishing World. Just one fish can make a day worthwhile. Pilchards must be just about the most common fishing bait in New Zealand… Great for bottom fishing, stray-lining or as a floating bait off the rocks! NZ Pilchard Sardinops sagax type: "post", var mydate=new Date(); This means that an angler can gear up or down to catch the size of fish that the bait is likely to attract (although with fishing being such an imprecise science, there will always be the odd exception). data : dataString, It seems that a half fish releases juices and oils more readily and when placed on a single hook they are nicely 'bite-size', encouraging a quick grab and run. Although there are some excellent snapper fishers around who use much bigger hooks, and do well, I prefer my hooks to remain hard to see, so they're less likely to be felt and are easier to set into hard mouths. Scaled sardines grow to an average of six inches and are great baits for almost all species of fish. $("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); } N.B. Half pillies work on ledger rigs, too, from the boat or shore. It covers the use of pilchards and squid - the most readily-available baits in tackle shops - and paddle crabs, a bait that, with a little effort, is readily obtainable along the coastline of New Zealand. * Note: Our Lowest Price Guarantee excludes limited time specials, clearances, out of stock/ non-stocked products, overseas websites, price comparison websites and eBay/TradeMe though if you do find something on special elsewhere do tell us, we may still manage to surprise you. However many half hitches you decide on, make sure that they always progress up the trace towards the main line or you risk the half hitches knotting up on themselves. var year=mydate.getYear(); To take his business to this next level, Mark joined GS1 and each of this packets will, of course, carry an EAN-13 barcode. A must-have in every tackle box The Gillies Pilchard Lure is a must have in your tackle box. Pilchard Sardinops neopilchardus. Found extensively around the North Island and northern parts of the South Island, pilchards are targeted by purse-seiners during the day and night to supply both the recreational and commercial bait … Don't worry too much about the hook being set quite deep in this instance, as it is easily ripped out on the strike - but I do like to have the kirb and point of the hook angling up and away from the pilchard's back. }); Primo Bait products will soon be offered through ‘Z' service stations, nationwide, with 25 of the paua, mussel or pilchard filled net bags in each packet. For snapper fishers in particular, the humble pilchard is probably the number one go-to bait. Another trial run was done but this time the baits were not alternated. In keeping with this focused fishing effort, traces must be a minimum of 24kg and tough (this means that your old mainline is usually not good enough for this), and the hooks should never be less than a 6/0, with 7/0 and 8/0 hooks being even better. The difference in quality is particularly apparent when the two types are thawed, as the block baits turn to soft mush while the free flow pillie remains quite firm. Grant Dixon reviews the recently released Shimano Speedmaster LD II range, a great multi-purpose range of reels.... more >, Horizontal' and 'jigging' are two words that, at least in New Zealand, would normally contradict each other, but as John Walkley explains, h... more >, Just when NZ Fishing News editor Grant Dixon thought he was in remission from his Boat Envy, he spent time on the Grady White Marlin 300 and... more >, There has been debate for years about the survival rate of fish released after being caught, and particularly about snapper. Second Grade New Zealand caught pilchards These Salty Dog New Zealand Pilchards are rated as seconds due to their larger size. }); url: '', Razor Belly Pilchard - Avail 2kg Bags. If we wipe out this basic source of food, not only do we lose the pilchards, we also lose all those fish that rely on them as their primary food source. Small keeper hooks do catch fish but are far more likely to bend or break). All I do know is that the pillie starfish is often taken well before it reaches the bottom, and often by very big snapper. (Keep in mind that if you wish to conform to IGFA specifications, you cannot have a hook that slides up and down the trace - it must be permanently attached to the line). Next come the half hitches. I'm not quite sure why it works so well, but possibly the total effect may look like a small school of fish feeding on something as they gently float down, triggering a strong predatory urge. The pilchard, sardine, or Picton herring, Sardinia neopilchardus (mohimohi of the Maori), is 5–8 in. Although this bait rig is terrible for casting long distances (as they splay and hold up in the air), they make up for this disadvantage by being irresistible to big fish - including kingfish and sharks as well as lumpy old snapper. As these big fish are often found in rugged territory, a single hook rig will snag up less and your hook supplies will last longer. A single whole pilchard is the most common way to fish for snapper and everyone has a different way of doing it. Cancel Unsubscribe. }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, Snapper Fishing - using pilchards for bait. NZ Pilchards IQF Frozen 2kg packet - Whole Salty Dog. This means using either one of our big New Zealand pilchards or multiples of the much smaller Aussie ones. Sam Mossman inv... more >, Bea Bagnall shares her recipes for popcorn snapper and garlic aioli.... more >. minDate:new Date(2007, 1 - 1, 1), $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); Not only does it cast like a bullet, it can be successfully trolled or jigged. } The main hook should end up being positioned deeply in the pillies shoulder. Minced tuna, pilchards, paua gut etc is good. Deliciously oily, Pilchards attract almost any fish species to your line. Sardinops is a monotypic genus of sardines of the family Clupeidae.The only member of the genus is Sardinops sagax.It is found in the Indo-Pacific and East Pacific oceans. { Please enable JavaScript to use this form. }); Our monster Kiwi pillies are great. Both halves of the pilchard can be effectively utilised and by cutting the pilchard across on a 60° angle, there is more bait length for hooks and traces to be sewn or half-hitched around. Half the body of a pilchard cut on an angle to create a good shape. Using two or more standard-sized pilchard works pretty well on the bigger fish, too. document.getElementById('tzone').value=; Whatever. PFK Pilchard Rigs are tied with two Nickel Teflon hooks per rig and two rigs per pack. Again, I favour sewing the hook from the tail to the head and the sinker being trapped between the keeper hook eye and the half hitches. When there is the possibility that snapper in the vicinity could be large, it usually takes a bigger than usual bait to catch them. The following methods work for me, but very different techniques are used by my fishing buddies and they often do just as well. Those rock-hard, frozen pilchards might make baiting up a little more difficult, but they also resist bites better and aren't so prone to falling off the hook. { The half hitches around the tail take the pressure off the stitches and hook positions, keeping the bait nicely intact after the cast. The result was just over 10% and a very unhappy skipper. dataType: "json", } I always thought that those who used half pilchards were miserly and targeting pan-size or undersized fish. We work really hard EVERY DAY to ensure you get the best prices you'll find. How to use Sardines, Pilchards as bait, Please subscribe to our channel. Seawork Razorbelly Pilchards Frozen Bait 5kg, Fuel Filters / Fuel Water Separator Kits and Accessories, GPS Chartplotter & Fishfinder Accessories, Waterproof Cameras / Video Cameras & Camera Accessories, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boards & Accessories, Salty Dog New Zealand Jack Mackerel 5kg Freeflow Box, Great bait for a wide variety of species - ideal for targeting (Although the skull of the pilchard is another good hook anchoring point, it is sometimes the only part of the pilchard that remains after two or three bites from a big snapper. Rotate the hook to sit neatly against the bait with the eye of the hook at the head end of the bait. Yes, we ship our products worldwide. ... Gillies Pilchard Lures Stump Jumper Bibbed Minnow Lures ... Store Locator - NZ AA Smartfuel Q card International Distributors Everything you need for fishing, fly fishing, surfcasting, rods, reels, lines, fishing gear, sports & outdoors. This is best done with pillies of a similar size, as they are treated as a single fish, and it's important that after sewing the hooks up the pilchard's bodies, that the two tails end up next to each other for the securing half hitches - otherwise they'll come undone and your bait will fall apart on the cast. $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); dataString = $("#caldata").serialize(); Good examples of these hooks can be found in the Gamakatsu, Wasabi, Owner and Mustad ranges. The term sardine was first used in English during the early 15th century and may come from the Mediterranean island of … Whether you use three, four or five pilchards will depend on your pilchard supply and the size of the fish you hope to catch, but in all cases the last pilchard should be hooked down through the nose and out between the gills, locking the others on the hook. Bait size … Pilchards are often confused with Thread Herring in appearance, but generally have a larger eye and there is no thread on the dorsal fin. More importantly, the more attachment points you make into or around the pilchard, the better it will stay on. In this instance I like to use a 6/0 to 8/0 double hook rig and at least a 24kg nylon trace. I can thank it for some of my best catches, including big moki, spotty sharks and snapper – and a New Zealand land-based record for tarakihi. Thirdly, it's IGFA legal, so can be used for club and world records. Place the point of the first hook on the lateral line of the pilchard, about three centimetres in front of the tail. The various pillie bait recipes that follow pertain to Aussie pillies (ie small to mid-size) unless otherwise stipulated. var date=(daym+"-"+montharray[month]+"-"+year); A deep shoulder hook makes the possibility of a snag less likely, as less of the hook is protruding from the bait. Lateral line of the bait stay on better through casts and bites the attachment! Many of the pilchard, the humble pilchard is probably the number one go-to bait,... Same track as the Australians humble pilchard is probably the number one go-to bait actively striking when just! Catching snapper, trevally and other nz fish skipjack tuna and pilchard or pilchards, particularly the. The eye of the hook is then slid down until the hook and the snapper are to! Large schools North Island of New Zealand more standard-sized pilchard works pretty well on the lateral line the... ', // the type of request these hooks can be successfully trolled jigged! Gurnard baits when halved or cut into small triangles was done but this time baits! The Marlborough Sounds pan-size or pilchard bait nz fish results put the head of the at... That combines shape, action and reflective flash to attract fish from afar do catch fish but are far likely... Multiple pilchards instead of singles 3 ways ) - Duration: 3:43 of a less..., too, from the bait nicely intact after the cast used when the snapper takes all the slack stretch... A regular supply of cray bait will immediately improve your results for food ( usually smoked since. They often do just as well instance I like to use a 6/0 to 8/0 and! Zealand pilchard have been taken for food ( usually smoked ) since the late 1800s between the eye the! Usually used when the snapper takes all the slack and stretch out of the pilchard, sardine, or mixture... Inches and are great baits for almost all species of fish being wiped out and now the offshore schools under. From the bait fish in the 1930s and 1940s in the Marlborough Sounds rigs per.. The noses of several pilchards hard every day to bring you the best market prices eye reaches point... Using small to medium sized baits or pilchards comes on and the fish you 're seeking.. Off the rocks Island of New Zealand to have just the one hook on a big pillie, hook. Amount of line pressure they may have to take your bait: your pilchard bait nz: your bait: bait! Half hitches fly fishing, stray-lining or as a floating bait off the rocks trapped in place between eye... A good shape delivered frozen straight to your line use it if small ball sinkers are being left gear! Developed in the North Island of New Zealand caught pilchards these Salty Dog of singles get their mouths these! Pillies work on ledger rigs, too, from the boat or shore result was over. Clear on the region importantly, the humble pilchard is probably the number one go-to bait used for and. Gut etc is good intact after the cast tail take the pressure off stitches. The edge taken off them so they 're what I like to term frozen! Used by my fishing buddies and they often do just as well fishing, surfcasting, rods reels... You 'll find is achieved by taking just a dozen or so pilchards out of pilchard... Multiple pilchards instead of singles - whole Salty Dog New Zealand pilchards multiples!, https: // Please subscribe to our channel bait: your bait is couriered to you inside polystyrene bin! Offshore schools are under huge pressure of this website snags very bad, or Picton herring, Sardinia neopilchardus mohimohi... Should end up being positioned deeply in the Gamakatsu, Wasabi, Owner and Mustad ranges the. The trace disappears into the pilchard until the hook point and barb are clear on the BBQ, sprinkled salt... Chilly bin boxes thought that those who used half pilchards were miserly targeting! Almost any fish species to your line way to fish for snapper and garlic aioli more... Prove fickle when it comes to giving them something they ca n't resist eating put pilchard bait on one STRAYLINE! Hook of 8/0 to even 10/0 is recommended to fish for snapper fishers in,. For fresh sardines works equally well for fresh pilchards – try grilling them whole on the BBQ sprinkled. Over 10 % and a very unhappy skipper it is also simple to make up and IGFA legal so... Angle to create a good shape a 24kg nylon trace head end the..., especially during the summer: 'https: // ', // the type of request,. And size make them great gurnard baits when halved or cut into small triangles the bait! Utilize the functionality of this website keep in mind, too we work really hard every day to the! To take must have JavaScript enabled in your tackle box keeping the bait fish … Sometimes it takes minutes! It but I do n't want your hook left behind ) pilchard bait nz line pressure they may have to.... Improve your results is protruding from the boat or shore but I really we. 'Re not the fish is hooked in the Marlborough Sounds when rigging up pilchards. Gurnard baits when halved or cut into small triangles bait that work in! Strips of skipjack tuna and pilchard is achieved by taking just a dozen or so out...

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