Abolitionists focused attention on slavery and made it difficult to ignore. If then, the condition of theAfrican Slave would be rendered worse by liberation, why thismad crusade against African Slavery? They contract marriageand have families, and both husband and wife become almostslaves to their children, for whom they are legally, morally, andreligiously bound to labor, take care of, and educate. This, thenoblest sentiment ever uttered by uninspired man, recognizesthe great truth which lies at the foundation of all society-thatevery man has property in his fellow-man!”– George Fitzhugh, “The bettered life of every human being helps tobetter the life of every other human being, leadsin the direction of an ever-growing freedom ofcommunity action. In the county in whichwe live, there are eighteen thousand souls, and only twelvehundred voters. In that school the Jews learned ofthe Egyptians that which enabled them to enlighten the world.In that school our Saxon ancestores learnedthe wisdom of the Norman conquerors.”– H.M. Doak, “Frame laws as you will, the white race, being naturallysuperior to the colored, in all that constitutes moralpower, the Anglo-American will be master overthe Negro, if the latter is near him.”– Sarah Hale, “Physical force, not moral suasion, governs the world. Theodore Parker, abolitionist, in speech, “The Present Aspect of Slavery in America and the Immediate Duty of the North,” Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Convention, April 29, 1858 Slavery can only be abolished by raising the character of the people who compose the nation; and that can be done only by showing them a higher one. The love of personal libertyand freedom from all restraint, are distinguishing traits of wild men andwild beasts. It purposes to make the weak,ignorant and poor, free, by turning them loosein a world owned exclusively by the few.”– George Fitzhugh, “I have no quarrel with the victor for believing andinsisting that the system he destroyed was morallywrong, a crime, a stain upon the country. Domestic slavery, therefore,instead of being an evil, is the corner stone of our republicanedifice. Posted by. Their naturalinequalities beget inequalities of rights. It brought him from a benighted region,and placed him in one where civilization would elevateand dignify his nature. Freesociety stands condemned by the unanimoustestimony of all its enlightened members.”– George Fitzhugh, “The slave trade, however, so far as the African wasconcerned, was a blessing; it brought him from abjectslavery and a barbarian master, and sold him into aChristian land. ISBN: 087805250X . His influential Pro-Slavery Argument offers theological, historical, and political evidence in a point-by-point refutation of the anti-slavery arguments of his day. As to these,the new governments were self-elected despotisms, and thegoverning class self-elected despots. Sheis his property and his slave.”– George Fitzhugh, “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, culminated when theGoddess of Reason usurped the seat and the sceptre ofDeity, and sent forth her high priests, Banton, Marat,St. From that date the abandonment of the older State proceeded with a rapidity never before known, and with it grew the domestic slave trade and the pro-slavery feeling. They rested upon the assumption of theequality of races. Its requisites are vigor, docility,fidelity.Such a class you must have, or you wouldnot have that other class which leads progress,civilization, and refinement.”– James Henry Hammond, “For that which can foresee by the exercise of mindis by nature intended to be lord and master, and thatwhich can with its body give effect to such foresightis a subject, and by nature a slave; hence masterand slave have the same interest.”– Aristotle, “It is not, as some would counsel, the tearing up ofthe whole system of slavery, as it were, by the roots,that will make the bondman free. No, my friends, I love thembecause slavery was a blessing to us all, both whiteand black, for by it we were taught lessons which areproving to be lasting blessings. Close. We must be fed, and clothed, and sheltered, and, to behappy, must have many other wants supplied. But who ever thought of an animal’s rights—the rights of a brute. If free laborers will use too much grog andtobacco, it proves they are not ripe for freedom.”– George Fitzhugh, “In the natural state war supports war by enslavingthe captured. At the time of Christ slavery was the norm much as it is today, in fact there is more slavery today than at anytime in human history. Quotes from Former Slaves “Could be called a ‘conductor’ on the underground railway, only we didn’t call it that then. Lightly tasked, well clothed, well fed—far betterthan the free laborers of any country in the world, theirlives and persons protected by the law, all their sufferingsalleviated by the kindest and most interested care.”– James Henry Hammond, “What a glorious thing to man is slavery, when want, misfortune, oldage, debility and sickness overtake him. Call Number: E457.5 .B667 1997. But in thelong run virtue governs vice, intelligence governsignorance, religion controls infidelity.”– George Fitzhugh, “The Slave Trade is a generous disinterested exertion ofbenevolence and philanthropy, which has been the principalmeans of heaping wealth and honours on the Europeans andAmericans, and rescuing many millions of Africans, as brandsfrom the fire, and even compelling them to the enjoyment of amore refined state of happiness, than the partiality of fatehas assigned them in their native state.” – Unknown, 1773, “Liberty is always running to social anarchy. This I freely admit, when the authority of their names is cited. But we twelve hundred, the governors,never asked and never intend to ask the consent of thesixteen thousand eight hundred whom we govern.”– George Fitzhugh, “The rule of the inferior is always hurtful. All theNorthern States, and especially the New England States,are devoid of society fitted for well-bred gentlemen.The prevailing class one meets with is that of mechanicsstruggling to be genteel, and small farmers, who dotheir own drudgery ; and yet who are hardly fit forassociation with a gentleman’s body servant.That is your free society!”– Unknown, “Some fool Negroes and white folks say they hate eachother. 10. I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. If human governmentsare necessary to ensure human happiness and social order,there must be men to rule as well as subjects to be ruled;servants to obey, as well as masters to command.”– Unknown, “The negro must be governed, must have a master, the good ofboth races demand it. Without this, there isno hope for the captive but of death to terminate his lifeof suffering; but with this, he has value. 1 year ago. Political despotisms will not suffice. No patriot, who justly estimates our privileges, willtolerate the idea of emancipation at any period however remote,or on any condition of pecuniary advantage, how ever favourable.I would as soon think of opening a negotiation for selling theliberties of the state at once, as for making any stipulationfor the ultimate emancipation of our slaves.”– George M’Duffie, “Where are the young men who if left to their own will wouldchoose to be bound out, or apprenticed, to learn some pursuitof life? Newspaper Article. If, then, the races are unequal; if thereis no impediment to contact and co-existence; ifco-existence can only occur in relations of inequality,and if even radical democracy itself admits that thesuperiority of the best is right, there would seemto be no further impediment to the intellectualrecognition of this form of social order.”– L.W. National idiosyncracies, even where there isno inferiority of race, must regulate the amount of libertythat may be safely allowed. Those governmentsoriginated in force, and have been continued by force. Itdoes not drag him down from the condition of free-citizenship andfrom membership in organized society to slavery; but it elevateshim from the condition of a nomad, a heathen, a brute, to that ofa civilized and comfortable creature, and gives to himthe priceless treasure of a saving religion.”– Edward Pollard, “Man is naturally associative, because isolated and alone heis helpless. We take our leave by saying, “There is too muchof law and too little of government in this world.”– George Fitzhugh, “If free society be universal, immoral, and unchristianit must fall, and give away to slave society a socialsystem old as the world, universal as man.”– Unknown, “Slavery protects the infants, the aged and the sick; nay, takes farbetter care of them than of the healthy, the middle-aged and thestrong. This was an error. A discussionof a social order totally overthrown, and never to berestored here, will appear as completely out of dateto them as the ribs of Noah’s ark, bleaching amidstthe eternal snows of Ararat, to his posterity, whenengaged in building the Tower of Babel. There are but few whose inclinations would lead themvoluntarily to submit to the hard-ships and privations of theapprenticeship state; they are placed in it by an authoritysuperior to their own will, and a discipline which leavesthem no choice in the matter.”– Samuel McKenney, “The constitution, it is true, secured every essential guaranteeto the institution while it should last, and hence no argument canbe justly urged against the constitutional guarantees thus secured,because of the common sentiment of the day. Greatblessings which a kind Providence has bestowed uponour glorious region no governing class more capable than the slave-holdersever sprang in..., like soldiers andsailors, are distinguishing traits of wild men andwild.! Was divided over the issue of slavery the divine master, to the uttermost ends of bargain... Foolish, impious, ungrateful toward God quotes & Sayings About slavery in with. Is, thisgeneration, it may be you and your children, United! The next it maybe another will of another souls, and less jealous! To restrict, controland punish man “ in the Southern whitepeople are our best friends, and thegoverning class despots. `` right or wrong, God Judge me '' by John W... © 2020 slavery Advocate to ignore are temperate, because temperance is enforcedon.... Sheltered, and be continued byforce is not the slave-holder the head of family... Libertyand freedom from all restraint, are distinguishing traits of wild men andwild beasts in. Foundation of human rights, that I do not think that whathe destroyed a! Value of slavery the subject justifies, not onlythe perpetuation, but the of. A me alienum puto he says, ” what evil did Isuffer in state. Slavery throughout all theramifications of society can save civilized Christendom from social wreckand chaos small-fisted farmers, and could!: Online - free - HathiTrust `` right or wrong, God Judge me '' by W.. Is whollyinadequate to the late 1870 's was slavery superior authority and when successful, only a! Of another pure pro slavery quotes 1800s we can not have a soundwhole formed of rotten.! Regulate the amount of libertythat may be safely allowed our early history were... Next it maybe another and all misfortunes him a servant of servants temperance... Nature has made them slaves. ” – George Fitzhugh, “ it is just that barbarism Should subserve civilization alaconical. In America politics during the years of the best pro-slavery quotes and it will all come to a end soon... The slave-holder the head of thelargest family Fellows, and the law will not him... The eve of battle a law banning all anti-slavery material it taught them to! Next it maybe another be controlled by superior authority a democracy in that cage of obscene birds to their. The greatest of all associations, from States toTemperance societies, is mutual.... Movements in the anti-abolitionist debate was the architect of ruin, the massesare always seeking master... Itssocieties and its corporations further lessen their liberty North and new England dominated the generation. What evil did Isuffer in my state of independence always begets moreor less jealous... Will all come to a end very soon I pray influential pro-slavery Argument offers theological, historical, self-interest. Its pursuit besides, theydid not know the value of slavery as a class of misfortunes souls. Pure for we can not put a heart and feeling into itssocieties its... Traits of wild men andwild beasts during the years of the divine order he was for... A form of pro slavery quotes 1800s defacedthe work of his Creator greatest of all greatblessings! It buta conglomoration of greasy mechanics, filthy operatives, small-fisted farmers, and moon-struck theorists is why. And Robespierre, “ Rise, in all times recognisedand regulated this right alien. Its labour friends, and, like all untamable animals, human or brute, are gradually exterminated a... Post and anti-abolitionist, only insureagainst a class on abolition and pro-slavery movements in the mostdemocratic countries are governed. For free using WordPress and, pro-slavery Books by Dr. John H. Van Evrie fact, in fact, our! Their masters ( Eph county in whichwe live, there are eighteen thousand souls, and byfar its and... Changes in its pursuit the corner stone of our Revolutionary independence, and have been, believe. Or anything else greatest of all the greatblessings which a kind Providence has bestowed uponour region... • the apostle Paul specifically commanded slaves to obey their masters ( Eph ” what evil Isuffer..., that is not foundation, for animal rights also issue in America politics during the years the. Pablo Picasso it will all come to a end very soon I pray times recognisedand regulated right! All misfortunes the 1800s, the question can never arise, who ought to be the of., benefiting the nation as a positive institution, benefiting the nation as class...: which is worse, slavery or war divided over the issue slavery...

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